Friday, June 13, 2014

hello, it has been well over two years since I last blogged.


It has been well over two years since my last blog! I feel I have so much more to say, and hey this blog is just sitting here!

We moved AGAIN. Let's call this our "forever home" or at least until all of the kids finish school! In November will will have lived here for almost 3 years! (almost a record, considering we moved about NINE times since Cameron was born) They were all strategic, and we found exactly what we were looking for. :) FINALLY.

The current school year ended two weeks early yesterday with the school strike. I hope they can reach an agreement soon. It was bittersweet that is for sure!  I rushed around to get teachers gifts and cards thinking I would have part of this coming week to get it all done. Not. Of course that very same day, I had Noni coming over to do my main entrance closet because I won a closet makeover thanks to She's a Valley Mom!! (yahoo and THANK YOU!)  Of course a blog about my before and after when I can get it all done! (LOVE Noni of noniSense), Cameron forgot his wallet and needed it to get his annual. Carly phoned and forgot her lunch. I had to hunt for it within the house (it was on her bed) and then I had to hunt her down at school! Finally I found her, and received extra hugs from some of my other kids. That is always bonus.

Where are the kids at?

Cameron, 14 going into Grade 10 in September
Claire, 13 (now a teenager) going into High School - Grade 8!
Carly, 11 going into Grade 7!
Catie, 9 going into Grade 5!
Caroline, 8 going into Grade 3
Courtney, 6 going into Grade 2!

Whoa. I have to take time to process this all! How can my babies be growing up so quickly? Wow. It goes by so quickly. We moved out of diapers and stuff right into this teenager/tween and school age family.

I let my photography business go in March of this year. That actually felt liberating! I have been working out at a local gym doing a crazy bootcamp! I have been going 6x per week since September 16. Life changing! Cliff still plugging away at the City. :)

I FINALLY ran the BMO Vancouver 2014 Marathon on May 4th. For those who know me, know this goal was one that I have wanted to reach for FIVE long years. I can finally say I am a marathoner. This statement has changed me! I am SO thankful I FINALLLLLYYY did it! I haven't been doing a lot of running since, however thinking I will work towards a half or another marathon at the end of this year.

Cliff and were lucky to get away for one week to Vegas. We left on Mother's Day evening. We also celebrated 16 years of marriage. Again, where did that time go? And that week away was WONDERFUL. We had a such a good time together. Just like the good old days.

And now, of course Vegas felt like a life time ago. Summer break is here, and now it is time to occupy the E6! Thankfully that gets a bit easier, and I am loving that they sleep in a bit. However, I am finding it hard to sleep! Ha ha.

My 25 year reunion is tomorrow night. I haven't been to one reunion. I said I would go…ha ha we will see. Maybe I will catch everybody at the 30 year reunion. Facebook keeps me updated for the most part.

I hope that is a catch up of sorts. I can't wait to share more about our life! It feels good to type it out again.


Monday, March 12, 2012

first day of spring break

Today is the first day of spring break with the kids. We have a two week break this year (same as last year in the wack) So far, it has been loud, and a bit crazy. It is super WINDY outside. This morning, the kids were outside collecting garbage, garbage lids, recycle bins and contents from all over our street. I am really proud of them for taking that job on!  Thankfully the garbage and recycling has been picked up now and I could put all of our containers into the garage until the wind dies down. I have not done any laundry either. I worry that the power might go out. So ya, the laundry piles will be EXTRA LARGE tomorrow.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

grow or lob off

I finally went in to get my hair done! I def. went blonde the process of seeing if I can grow it out. I will try for another month. If not, my hair will be in the perfect shape to lob off into a bob again. (I thought I would be doing that today...)

Friday, March 9, 2012

friday update

March is well under way, our teachers were on strike, and so we (I had) three days at home with the kids on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Yesterday was early dismissal. Today is the last day of school before two weeks of Spring Break! This month has gone by fast, and so has the school year. We are 2/3's done already.

I have been of course training for the BMO Vancouver Marathon - I am training for the HALF. Let me be clear on that. (we are increasing our distance, and this past weekend we ran 14, and this Sunday we move it up to 16 km!) Before we know it race day will be here. May 6th is race day!

On Tuesday night, we had a guest speaker in to talk about motivation. This speaker also runs ultras...for those of you who don't know what an ultra is...well that is any race that is longer than marathon distance, and usually done on a trail. Most people in the clinic thought he was a bit crazy, but I REALLY was interested. I first have to race my very first marathon. I really hope it can be this year. :D

I still have that goal of running a marathon by my 40th birthday (which has passed already, but on my next birthday I am still technically 40 until my birth time!) may be possible.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


These two weeks, I have been so up in the air. Well, maybe for longer. I have been having troubles making life decisions, and trying to figure out what is best for our family, and what is best for me. What is best for hubby and I. Finally yesterday, decisions were made, and suddenly I felt super happy again!

My desires to run, and stay fit and healthy are at the top of my list these days! I have these goals I want to follow through with. We may have come up with a plan that will finally work! Well, I am hoping so anyways. Now the goal is to stay totally injury free! I am going to get some new runners this week.

Last night I registered for the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon. I will run that on the 6th of May. (Please injuries, do not affect a great race for me!) The last real race I have run (besides the quick, 5 km Resolution Run on January 1st) was actually my last half marathon! That was way back when Coco was almost 1 year old! That was the Victoria half. and the year was 2008! It is time! And it looks like I will be in a new category as well, 40-44!

My cold is slowly leaving...last night we ran a 6 km steady, ran it slow, and I felt good. Tonight, we are doing hill repeats. Tonight we do 4...this Sunday we run 14 km. I don't remember the last time I ran 14, but I know I am ready!

I am so happy to be running. Run happy! :D

Monday, February 27, 2012


I have my first bad cold in a VERY long time! . I haven't had one in many years. Usually I get by with using oil of oregano, but this one is a doozy. O of O Didn't work for me this time. Cliff had it first, and quite a few of the kids. Yesterday morning,  I ran 12 km and I truly just wanted to run to finish as I had to use tissues to dab my nose the whole time. Made for a super annoying run!  I made it to the store a bit later, and the washroom line up was huge. I told the instructor to go ahead without me. Once I got out of the washroom, my group was long gone. I just did my own pace, and it was not so bad. I eventually caught up to my group, and ran with a woman with a great pace. The km's flew by, and we were back to the store! I am just thankful that I am able to run! I am also thankful that my cold is not in my chest! In my half training we have started hill training, this will be our second week of hill repeats. Tomorrow night a 6 km steady, and Thursday night 4 hill repeats. I want this cold GONE!!

We had a great weekend, and celebrated with Claire as she turned 11! Hard to believe my original girl is growing up!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

valentines no.16

I decided that I would create a card for Cliff, and also for the kids. I only blogged Cliff's...